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We operate an open access policy. This means that there is no charge for coming to the adventure playground and children can come and go as they please. The playworkers are there to support your child(ren) and young people('s) play. Please speak to them if you have any questions.


Terms and Conditions 


Children ages 8 and over are welcome to come and play unaccompanied at Glamis Adventure Playground.


Children under 8 must be accompanied by a responsible adult.

We reserve the right to exclude any child or adult acting in a manner that we consider to be harmful or abusive.


Every child or young person who comes to Glamis Adventure Playground must have a completed Registration Form and must Sign-In on arrival at the playground. Parents/Guardians on site are to be accompanied by a child and must remain with any child under the age of eight.


Risk and Play


Engaging in challenging play and taking risks is all part of childhood and one way that children can learn about themselves and explore the world around them. At Glamis Adventure Playground children can experiment and explore, run around and have fun.


Our Rules


1. All children and young people are welcome to play, have fun and enjoy themselves


2. People are kind to each other


3. People listen to each other


4. There are no fights


5. Swearing and abusive language is not ok


6. Staff, Children and young people respect each other


7. There is no smoking, drugs, alcohol or knives allowed on site


8. We aim to have only healthy food onsite - no fizzy/caffeinated drinks or junk food, please


Data protection 

The data you have given for our administration, communication with service users, health and safety, compliance with Children's Act and Safeguarding obligations, the Equalities Act and anonymised data required to meet our funder's requirements. Personal Data will only be shared with 3rd Parties where there is a legal obligation to do so. Data is stored in compliance with GDPR. There is a link to our Data Protection and other policies here.

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