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HISTORY of Glamis Adventure Playground

The site of Glamis Adventure Playground was once a children's hospital. The hospital was demolished in 1963 and the land was vacant until 1969 when it became one of London's first adventure playgrounds.

The adventure playground movement started with the Danish landscape architect C. Th. Sorensen who began by building a junk playground in Emdrup, Denmark. This first adventure playground inspired Lady Allen of Hurtwood who brought the concept to London and transformed bombed out lots into supervised junk playgrounds. 

In 1969, the movement had spread to Tower Hamlets where the vacant lot of the old children's hospital was transformed into Glamis Adventure Playground, the first adventure playground in Tower Hamlets.

After the Greater London Council was abolished, funding dried up. The site was closed in 1992 and fell into disrepair.

In 2002, a group of local parents conducted a survey which revealed that over 75% of the community wanted to reopen the Playground and eventually convinced the council to let them use the land.


They put up a notice saying “Glamis Adventure Playground  - all welcome” and reopened the long-closed gates, determined to be a model of best Playwork theory and practice by involving the children and community in all aspects of the future of their playground. 



Today Glamis Adventure Playground is part of Shadwell Community Project serving the local community in Tower Hamlets. As well as the adventure playground, we have allotments growing fresh food and a Children's Cafe.

We aim to be a hub of the local community, bringing parents together, battling inner-city isolation and providing a safe, fun, inclusive space in Shadwell.


Our values:

                            Inclusive and respectful - open to all and affirming differences 


                                                    Safe - a protected space where you are encouraged to take physical risks 

                             Honest - a place where everyone can look for answers 



                                                                      Involved - a vital part of the community, supporting its success 


                             Innovative - always looking for new ideas that benefit all

                                                                                          Green - applying ecological solutions everywhere 

                            Healthy - promoting a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns

Find out more about our history here.

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