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The Shadwell Community Project is a registered charity based at the Glamis Adventure

Playground. It has been a valued part of the Shadwell community for over 30 years.


We exist to offer an adventurous, inclusive, fun and safe place for the children of the

Shadwell community. We want them to be creative, to discover while developing through

play, growing and building resilience that will set them up for life. In other words, our main goal is to address issues affecting children's health, social development, safety and well-being.


Everything we do is aimed at providing a place where children from the Shadwell can develop, play, grow, interact and mix. We want to be a reliable support for local children and their families who experience levels of poverty that are amongst the highest in the country.

Our values:

                            Inclusive and respectful - open to all and affirming differences 


                                                    Safe - a protected space where you are encouraged to take physical risks 

                             Honest - a place where everyone can look for answers 



                                                                      Involved - a vital part of the community, supporting its success 


                             Innovative - always looking for new ideas that benefit all

                                                                                          Green - applying ecological solutions everywhere 

                            Healthy - promoting a healthy lifestyle and eating patterns

Find out more about our history here.

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Shadwell Community Project is a Company Limited by Guarantee and a Registered Charity in England. Charity No  1100271 Company No. 04647229 Registered offices at Glamis Adventure Playground, 10 Glamis Road, London E1W 3EG

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