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Fundraising is not just a means of raising money, but also a way to promote the message and goals of a charity.


As any non-profit organisation, gaining funds is obviously important to continue our activity. Indeed, without funds, we simply cannot continue to promote our adventurous, inclusive, fun and safe place for children and provide them health and well-being.


Our 2020-2021 main goal is to develop the site and its role within the community:

  • The current site needs repairs and more inside or covered space for the winter months, as the attendance drops dramatically due to cold weather and not having enough inside space to run group sessions. There are suggestions of covering a large circular structure in the play area with a canvas and of developing a new building at the far end of the site.

  • We plan to develop more education space to increase our ability to provide more services and be more flexible in what can be offered at the playground site. This could be another building plus a temporary covered area such as a yurt.

  • SCP needs to have an offer which works when the site is closed such as online ZOOM sessions, activity packs, takeaway food and engaging social media.

  • We have aspirations to increase our ability to offer more free food/meals to local residents, not just children.

  • We hope to offer extra and different activities to other local groups, provide advice, referrals and resources to parents/ adults and open the site more often. New partnerships need to be developed to ensure referrals and being part of a wider network.

  • We can expand the gardening in allotments and add more food growing/ cooking/ nutrition elements.

  • We would like to use the site to develop sustainable income sources to support our revenue costs and ensure we can be more financially independent and less reliant on grant funding. This could be hiring the site out for events, workshops and gatherings and running fundraisers on site.

To achieve this, we target £100,000!

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Our partners - they have placed their trust in us! 

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund gives grants to organisations in the UK to help improve their communities.

For more information

People’s Health Trust

People's Health Trust is an independent charity funded by 12 local society lotteries and the money they raise through The Health Lottery.

For more information

Tudor Trust

The Tudor Trust is an independent grant-making trust which supports voluntary and community groups working in any part of the UK.

For more information

Wakefield and Tetley Trust

The Wakefield and Tetley Trust is an independent charitable trust providing grants to support charitable and voluntary activity in the London boroughs of Tower Hamlets.

For more information

Tower Hill Trust

The Tower Hill Trust is an independent charitable trust. The Trust was set up in 1934 to improve the area around Tower Hill, London.

For more information


London Borough Tower Hamlets

The council is helping VCS organisations with free access to volunteers through our volunteering hub with Volunteer Centre Tower Hamlets.

Financial support is also available through local, regional and national grant schemes, which can help organisations in Tower Hamlets with unexpected costs, loss of income or new projects.

For more information

Would you like to be a part of our journey too? Get in touch now!

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