What measures are Glamis APG taking to minimise the risk from Covid-19?

During the current situation, our playground is unfortunately no longer open access.

Children wanting to join will have to pre-book and register online.

We are now offering single family play sessions at the site on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. This is a closed-session for a single family or support bubble (no more than six people with no more than 2 adults in this) who can use the site as they wish. Children from the family/bubble will be accompanied by a responsible adult from the same household/bubble who will stay for the session and supervise.

Structures will be fully sanitised between each session. 

As children and accompanying adults arrive on site, they should wash their hands thoroughly. There are a number of hand sanitisers outside and children will be regularly told to use these and wash hands.

What measures can you take to make it safer for your and other children?

We are encouraging parents and carers:

  • to use local services, and not travel outside of the borough to access adventure playgrounds

  • to choose a local provision and stick to it to reduce the risk of spread i.e. to not send your child to multiple adventure playgrounds

  • where possible, to please travel to Glamis Adventure Playground by walking or cycling

  • limit drop-offs and pick-ups to one parent/carer per family 

  • practise social distancing at the entrance of the site

Please do not let your child come in if they, or any member of your household, is experiencing symptoms of coronavirus.